Rebecca’s Bat Mitzvah at Skazka Restaurant-Brooklyn, NY

Rebecca's Bat Mitzvah at Skazka Restaurant

Rebecca’s Bat-Mitzvah Party in April 2016. Rebecca is a girl with lavish taste, so mom & dad chose a venue that matched her elaborate taste of decor & food.  Skazka in Brooklyn, NY is very elegant & richly decorated, not to mention food that is delightfully exquisite.  We started with an idea based on fantasy.  Rebecca turning into a princess for the day.  One moment she viewed her soon to be magical attire, next moment she was enrobed in glitter!  Her sparkling dress & shoes complemented the twinkle in her beautiful hazel eyes &  raven hair.  Her cake was a magical creation & her centerpieces were colorful masterpieces.  Even the candles were decorated with jewels & the candle lighting ceremony was very special.  The Party was super fun and was perfectly setup with a photo booth for guests to enjoy.  They couldn’t get enough.   About a month before the party we worked with Rebecca on a music video which depicted her growing up & the grand finale was Rebecca ‘singing.’   It was a moment unlike any other when guests gasped in awe & mom was in tears; of joy of course!  Rebecca had the best time ever and that meant everything to Rebecca’s parents.

I recently celebrated my Bat-Mitzvah this April 2016. It is a day I will never forget.  I felt like a princess!  I prepared for this day for over a year & every second was worth it!  My mother & father gave me a Bat-Mitzvah that was gorgeous!  I wanted a particular kind of dress & my mom did everything in her power to make sure I got it!  And of course for this dress I had to have special shoes, and they were spectacular! The cake was beyond what I would have ever imagined. It was a masterpiece from heaven!  Although I imagined my party would be in a hall, the restaurant Skazka had a room that felt like it.  It was very spacious & beautifully decorated. Very royal & extravagant like, which is what I love!   I wanted my guests to feel like they were in a grand place.  I loved that I had a photo-booth which attracted all of my guests & it was SO MUCH FUN!!  The musicians were amazing, everyone was dancing.   To make it even better, I had an amazing videographer and photographer from Viajoy.  Before I could even put on my dress, they were there to capture that moment.  They captured every second of the part, every emotion, every movement.  They also worked on a music video to show at my party.  They put a lot of time, effort, and care into that music video.  Everyone said it was the most professional music video at a party they have every seen.  Their focus & attention to detail is shown in the video & the photographs. They made my party come alive, and now I have so many beautiful memories that I will always treasure.   Thank you so much to the team at ViaJoy!


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